Possible origins of hip, knee and meniscus-related complaints

Hüftschmerzen Knieschmerzen Meniskus

Given our experience with ATLANTOtec, we have been able to establish that knee or hip pain that is not caused by traumas or accidental injuries often arises in the leg that has had to bear a greater load due to pelvic obliquity. Indeed, the "longer" leg bears a significantly greater dynamic load.

With an asymmetrical pelvis, there may be a difference of up to 15 kg in the distribution of weight on the legs and therefore on the knee joints, which can lead to knee complaints in the long term.

The ATLANTOtec method can bring about a rapid, marked improvement in the obliquity of the pelvis, thus preventing the consequent overloading of the knee and hip joints. Such overloading sooner or later compromises structural integrity, frequently to the point of making surgery necessary.

As car tires show asymmetrical wear and tear marks because of incorrect wheel alignment, the human body may also have such wear and tear marks if symmetry and posture are not correct.

Poor body posture caused by a misaligned Atlas associated with a different weight burden forces the hip and knee joints and the ankle to work under a suboptimal angle of rotation. This in turn leads to incorrect weight bearing by the tendons and muscles involved which is eventually perceived as pain and may initiate degeneration of the joints and inflammation in the surrounding soft tissues.

A misalignment of the hip joints with the resulting locking-up of the sacroiliac joint often leads to sciatica or an inflammation of the sciatic nerve, knee pain associated with meniscus problems as well as problems with the ankle. In this condition the patient very often also suffers from attacks of lumbago.

If the underlying cause, which often consists in a misaligned Atlas, is not removed, these complaints will inevitably keep returning again and again!

Many people report that their knee and hip complaints cleared up for good after the adjustment of the Atlas, in a way that is apparently inexplicable to them.

The situation is different with knee and hip joints that have already degenerated completely as a result of arthrosis (osteoarthritis). In such cases rapid improvement after correction of the Atlas should not be expected.

The following products are highly recommended in this case:

  • CMO (Cetyl Myristoleate)
  • Chondroitin Sulfate and Glucosamine