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Stay healthy without continuous medication?

Here you will learn how migraine, whiplash, neck pain, back pain and dozens of other complaints can be cured by adjusting the position of the Atlas.


Schädel mit Atlaswirbel für Atlaskorrektur gegen Migräne und Schwindel

Atlas vertebra:

Die Atlaswirbel-Fehlrotation kann Schwindel und Migräne auslösen


  • Do you want to be rid of your complaints for good? If so, stop fighting only the symptoms!

  • One single treatment and a follow-up check will activate the self-healing power of
    your body.

  • 9 facts you should know before undergoing other
    kinds of treatment.


Read on to find out why misalignment of the first cervical vertebra may be responsible for a whole series of apparently unrelated problems, the treatment of which focuses merely on suppressing the pain without removing the cause. A new discovery could now bring relief in many cases.


Atlas correction

The Atlas is the hidden cause of numerous complaints

The first cervical vertebra, known as the Atlas or C1, plays the most delicate and at the same time primary role for the entire spine.

A malfunction in this area can produce a "domino effect" on the entire musculoskeletal system, as well as the circulation and nervous systems, creating imbalances and dysfunctions in various parts of the body.

With time these dysfunctions may turn into serious health problems of apparently unknown origin. The body is not able to function as it should, seriously affecting quality of life, yet no organic cause can be identified or diagnosed.


Migräne Kopfschmerzen psychosomatisch

Are your complaints really just psychosomatic?

How many patients are told by their doctors that their problems are unknown and that they "obviously" have a psychosomatic origin? It is quite likely that your doctor doesn't know – and therefore doesn't tell you – that a misaligned Atlas might be the cause of your problems.

Chronic complaints after whiplash trauma and recurring migraine attacks or headaches find a simple, logical explanation in the Atlas misalignment. Correction of this problem offers a real, lasting solution without being forced to take medicine continuously with the ensuing side effects.

In addition, correction of the Atlas vertebra is the ideal method to improve posture, thus preventing postural defects such as functional short leg, pelvic obliquity, hyperlordosis/hollow back, kyphosis, idiopathic / functional scoliosis and hypolordosis.


9 Facts you should know about misalignment of the Atlas vertebra


  • For many people the trauma of birth leads to a misalignment of the Atlas (first cervical vertebra) and sometimes also of the Axis (second vertebra).
  • Traumas such as whiplash or falls may also cause or further accentuate misalignment of the Atlas vertebra.
  • It has been found that misalignment of the Atlas is responsible for a number of disorders and conditions at both the physical and mental level.
  • Conventional medicine does not consider misalignment of the Atlas vertebra a possible cause of disorders in the patient. As a result this problem generally goes undiagnosed.
  • Failure to diagnose the problem is due to the fact that misalignment of the Atlas does not show up in regular X-rays or magnetic-resonance imaging.
  • A multi-slice helical CT scan allows misalignment to be detected clearly and measured, but only if the radiologist sets up the CT machine for this purpose.
  • Leaving aside severe dislocations of the vertebrae requiring surgery, conventional medicine offers no treatment to correct the misalignment of the first cervical vertebra.
  • A single ATLANTOtec® session is all that is needed to permanently return the Atlas to the correct position.
  • Many consider that acting on the neck area is dangerous. You should know that any potential danger is limited to chiropractic manipulations. The ATLANTOtec® method uses a completely new, riskfree principle, which has nothing to do with chiropractic, osteopathy or any other familiar methods.

The most common complaints which have benefited from realignment of the Atlas vertebra

The negative effects of misalignment of the Atlas may manifest themselves throughout the entire body.

Data collected and records of patients treated with ATLANTOtec® have enabled us to draw up a list of the most common complaints and symptoms which may be alleviated by repositioning the Atlas. It is important to understand that not all disorders listed disappear in anyone who undergoes Atlas treatment, as they may have other causes or contributing factors.

It would be wrong to interpret correction of the Atlas as a miracle cure that can solve all problems. On the contrary, it is essential to understand that the purpose of ATLANTOtec® absolutely does not consist in diagnosing or "curing" a variety of disorders, but simply in seeing whether it is necessary to treat the Atlas. What is miraculous is the body's ability to self-heal, once put in a position to do so!

Correcting the position of the Atlas, if misaligned, is necessary, irrespective of any problems temporarily experienced, as such treatment is an "investment" in good future health. Realignment is advisable starting with children and allows the body to function at its full potential.

  1. migraine
  2. headache
  3. chronic pain following whiplash
  4. vertigo – dizziness – unsteadiness
  5. Ménière´s disease
  6. trigeminal neuralgia
  7. temporomandibular joint syndrome
  8. chronic sinusitis
  9. asthma (may have other causes)
  10. limited or painful head rotation or bending
  11. cervical pain
  12. stiff neck – torticollis
  13. shoulder pain / one shoulder higher
  14. formication / numbness of the arms
  15. recurrent tendinitis
  16. tennis elbow / carpal tunnel syndrome
  17. permanent muscle tension
  18. chronic muscle pain
  19. back pain
  20. idiopathic scoliosis
  21. lumbago
  22. herniated disc – disc disease – protrusion of discs
  23. compressed spinal nerves
  24. asymmetry of the pelvis
  25. arthritis – osteoarthritis(if arising from poor posture)
  26. blocking of the sacroiliac joint
  27. inflammation of the ischiadic nerve – sciatica
  28. hip pain
  29. functional leg length difference
  30. pain in the legs, knees or feet
  31. tendency to have cold hands / feet
  32. chronic eye inflammation / vision disorders
  33. tinnitus (buzzing or ringing in the ears)
  34. chronic middle ear inflammation
  35. abnormal heart rhythm / altered blood pressure
  36. digestive problems / gastric hyperacidity
  37. gastric reflux
  38. chronic diarrhea or constipation
  39. depression (if associated with chronic pain)
  40. insomnia / falling asleep
  41. chronic fatigue
  42. fatigue syndrome (CFS) (also by acidosis)
  43. allergies / hay fever (improvements for unknown reason)
  44. learning difficulties / dyslexia
  45. epilepsy


Migraine from a medical point of view

Migräne Kopfschmerzen Kopfweh

Generally, patients suffering from headaches or migraines typically go to the doctor thinking that they will be CURED. They soon discover that their doctor's concept of cure is different from their own.

During their university studies, doctors learn that treating migraine, for example, involves relieving symptoms or pain, and not seeking the cause of the symptom itself in order to cure it, thus preventing the same problem from recurring in the future.

Doctors examine patients and collect data with the sole purpose of prescribing the "best" medicines manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and promoted in their surgeries in order to achieve sales.

The modern doctor has turned into a veritable "drug pusher"! The reason is a lack of interest on the part of the pharmaceutical industry in finding a permanent solution for migraine, as a lifetime patient is a lot more profitable than a healed one. Moreover, doctors must adhere to guidelines while treating their patients and therefore are committed to prescribing pills rather than alternative treatments.

If you don't believe it, ask yourself the following question: when was the last time the pharmaceutical industry announced that it had found the definitive cure for any given disease?
Those who become aware of this fact stop running to their doctor to try to solve their chronic illnesses such as migraine or headache, but instead keep on searching for alternative solutions.

Before patients come to this conclusion, unfortunately they need to fall flat on their face. Only after suffering a pill-induced gastric ulcer and endless migraine and headache attacks do they start searching for alternative solutions.

In an emergency a pill can be useful. However, it does not represent a permanent solution for constantly recurring migraines or headaches!

Ursache Migräne

Atlas misalignment as a possible reason for migraine

Misalignment of the Atlas does not only compress the nerves but also the adjacent arteries and veins. This results in a circulation disturbance of the brain, which in combination with other factors may lead to migraine and headaches as well as various other health problems.

The theory that migraine is a neurological disease melts away like the snow in the sun after a correction of the Atlas! (See also this study)



Each Atlas adjustment is not like any other Atlas adjustment

There are several methods of correction of the Atlas: AtlasPROfilax, Atlaslogy, chiropractic, Atlas-Orthogonal and Upper Cervical. The theories and results are highly dissimilar. Read more in the following article (German): Each Atlas adjustment is not like any other Atlas adjustment.


Atlas correction

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